Welcome to Zealot Muaythai.

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Welcome to Zealot Muaythai.

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ABOUT Muaythai

Muay Thai (Thai: มวยไทย, rtgs: Muai Thai, pronounced [mūa̯j tʰāj]) or Thai boxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of body parts such like punches (Chok), elbows (Sok), knees(Ti Khao), Kicks (Te) ; Associated with a good physical preparation, it makes a full-contact fighter very efficient.

About Us

Zealot Muay thai Camp first established in Jakarta in 2011. Our founder & Head coach Jeremias Abraham brings his expertise from Thailand where he received both a professional fighting experience and a prestigious certificate as Instructor at WMC Lamai Gym Koh Samui and Sinbi Muay thai Phuket. As a “Zealot” [Collins’] “an enthusiast animated by an intense and eager interest “in Muay thai, Jeremias committed to develop Thai Boxing in Indonesia through experiences as :

  • Head Coach for National team - South East Games 2013

  • Founder of Zealot Muay thai camp,

  • Founder of federation Muay Thai Professional Indonesia ( MPI )

  • Referee and Judge at MPI ,

  • Muay thai Event Promoter - Road to Victory



Client Feedback

What Our Client think about Zealot

Camp muaythai ter-keren yg pernah sy review dan akhirnya dibelain smp latian di Jkt (pulang ke Tgr) tujuan awal cari muaythai karena mau turunin berat badan, dan pengen kuatin upper body.. sebelumnya sy pernah trial di camp muaythai lain paid per visit, tp pelatih sperti cm ngerti gym saja/personaltrainer/bukan pelatih muaythai asli. salah kuda2 tdk dikoreksi dll pencarian panjang akhirnya saya temukan Zealot camp, pelatihnya bersertifikasi, beberapa masuk pelatnas lho. akhirnya saya coba latihan sekali dan lgsg sreg! pelatih2nya professional, expert di thai boxing, latihan selalu serius. di Zealot minggu kedua join berat badan turun 4kgs (hanya latian sminggu 2-3hari) dan sy yakin body mass meningkat tajam.. tinju, tendang, push-up sit-up bahkan squat dan plank berlama2 skrg jd hal yg mudah dan seru! 😄

Meliana LaurenciaMember

i tried other muay thai places and always get bored because of the monotone training set. knew this place from one of my friend and she really recommended this place. overall i could tell that this place is the most discipline place i've been to. the trainers is strict yet respectful, they trains you as hard and really push your limit. train hard and you could see the result faster in your body. been going to this place for a month and i'm down to one size already.

angie achmadMember

I started training at Zealot 5 years ago and thats when i met my head coach (now became my mentor and my inspiration) Jerry Luhukay. A man with tons of life experience. Through him i learnt a lot not only how to fight, but he guided me as a mentor to become a better fighter to become a better person. Zealot Muaythai has a lot of experienced trainers and the facilities they provided are outstanding. If you are looking for the best Muaythai Camp in Indonesia especially Jakarta, Zealot Muaythai is the place to be. The training programs are awesome, and if you are willing to be a pro fighter, you won't go wrong with Zealot!

Bernando BillyMember